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Dapper Dan Hair Tonic – Blue


Een verkwikkende haartonic in jaren 30-stijl die zorgt voor een vitaliserende hoofdhuid- en haarverzorging. Ideaal als voorbereiding op pomade, om het haar op te frissen of de hoofdhuid te stimuleren. Met verfrissende en circulatiebevorderende menthol en eucalyptus. Laat het haar de hele dag fris ruiken.


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Cooling fresh energy for the head

An invigorating hair tonic of the 1930s style and a vitalizing scalp and hair care. Ideal as a preparation for pomade, to refresh the hair and stimulate the scalp. With refreshing and circulation-promoting menthol and cooling eucalyptus. Allows the hair to smell fresh all day. In a nostalgic glass bottle and a beautiful label. But beware: this hair tonic is not for everyone. The Don Draper Hair Tonic Blue wants to be worn by self-confident men.

Today it has almost fallen into oblivion. But in the 1920-50s hair tonics had the value of a after shaves. A hair tonic stood in the bathroom to revive the head early in the morning before the shave and to prepare the hair for the obligatory pomade. In the barbershops, a hair tonic massage formed the crowning finish of the haircut. And in the summer, with menthol and eucalyptus enriched hair tonics – such as Osage Rub, the Don Draper Hair Tonic Blue or Dapper Dan Hair Tonic Blue – were a cooling relief for the head and even a pain relief in mosquito bites.

How is the effect The Don Draper Hair Tonic? In the 1920-50s such a strongly cooling hair tonic was called “ice water”. And so the Don Draper Hair Tonic also provides a long-lasting, refreshing-cooling sensation when rubbing on the scalp. It facilitates the combing, evaporates more quickly than water and leaves a pleasant fragrance after menthol and the Don Draper After Shave Blue. Applied in the morning the Don Draper Hair Tonic gives the hair a scent of freshness the whole day through until late in the evening

The Don Draper Hair Tonic prevents excessive grease and dandruff formation and even promotes hair growth. Thanks to the contained menthol, the scalp feels not only very fresh but also the hair roots are stimulated. Menthol has a cooling, itching and analgesic effect. It also acts as an antibacterial, thus helping to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the scalp
In the summer, the Don Draper Hair Tonic, thanks to the contained menthol, can also help with insect bites and itching.
The scent of the Don Draper Hair Tonic is taken from the Don Draper After Shave Blue. And so the fragrance is also fresh and manly spicy, but the high menthol and eucalyptus content in the Don Draper Hair Tonic is definitely the first thing the user perceives: refreshing menthol as a cough drop in the winter. This is the right thing, because the Don Draper Hair Tonic is not for the sensitive heads. Especially in the winter it is a small ice bomb on the scalp.


  • Preparation: In order for the Don Draper Hair Tonic to unfold, the scalp must be briefly stimulated and the blood supply must be increased. Thus massage the scalp with your fingertips briefly but vigorously. Exercise a firm but not coarse pressure. The fingertips should reach the scalp.
  • Application on the head: Carefully put the bottle opening to the right hair part – carefully, so that not too much will flow out – and pull an approx. 2” (5 cm) long “strip” of the hair tonic onto the scalp. Now repeat the same on the left hair parting. Now rub the Don Draper Hair Tonic for 10-50 seconds with strong movements in the hair and the scalp. Finally, for a stronger hold add the Don Draper Pomade into the hair and comb and brush the hair with a Don Draper hairbrush in the desired shape.
  • Apply to the palm of the hand: Drip the Don Draper Hair Tonic into your palm, if needed a little more, moisten the hair and rub the hair tonic with strong movements in the hair and scalp until the hair one dries a bit. Now, for more hold, add the Don Draper Pomade into the hair and comb and brush the hair with a Don Draper hairbrush to the desired shape.
  • Application in Barbershops: In the barber shops of the 1930-50s the application of a hair tonic was a relaxing and calming procedure for the customer. To make the Don Draper Hair Tonic better absorbed by the scalp, the barber placed a hot, moist, wrung out towel on the upper part of the head to open the pores. As soon as the towel was cooled, he exchanged it for a second hot towel. As soon as it cooled down, the barber took it off the customer’s head and applied the Don Draper Hair Tonic as described above by rubbing it into the customer’s scalp. Finally, the hair was combed in shape and the hair style perfected with a hairbrush .

Important: Avoid eye contact as the contained menthol and eucalyptus irritate the eyes.

Manufactured by ALPA (since 1913) in the Czech Republic
(Without preservatives)

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat., Menthol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Perfume, Eucalyptus oil, CI 19140, CI 42090, Benzyl benzoate *, Citronellol *, Coumarin *, Geraniol *, Limonene *,  Linalool * (* Naturally occurring fragrances)

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Dapper Dan


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