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Haslinger Scheerzeep Milde Honing


Kwalitatieve, milde scheerzeep met honing.

Dikke, romige zeep voor een perfect scheerresultaat.

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Quality shaving soap with honey and a mild honey scent. Since 1949.

A small, low priced and high quality shaving soap from Austria. With a mild honey scent, desinfectant honey, peanut oil and glycerine. Made in Austria by the traditional manufacturer Haslinger, based in Vienna, soap producer since 1890.

The shaving soaps of the Vienna based company Haslinger are famous for their excellent quality, high economicalness and a creamy dense foam, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

The Haslinger Shaving Soaps are not only saponified with sodium hydroxide solution, but also with potassium hydroxide. Thus, they can be lathered better. In addition, they are manufactured with a high proportion of stearic acid, which makes the lather creamier and longer lasting.

Made in Austria

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