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Murray’s Hair-Glo


Loose hold pommade met kokosolie & lanolin, voedt en verzorgt het haar.
Origineel recept uit de 1920’s.

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“Murray’s Hair-Glo” pomade was created in the 1920s, to provide the hair with a special sparkle and to slick it back, in a style that was in vogue from the 1920s until the 1950s.

Murray’s Hair-Glo pomade promotes natural smoothness of the hair. The soft pomade gives the hair a loose hold, but does not stick it together. Murray’s Hair-Glo pomade is popular worldwide and is suitable for all hair types and is ideal for creating the “wet-look” effect.
The integrated coconut oil and lanolin provide the hair with mildness and additional hair care.

The pomade is packaged in an attractive, nostalgic, vintage-style can.

Made in the USA.

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